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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Abnormal Sperm Swimming Upstream

Men, grab your avocados, this one's for you. Try as you might, you cannot slink, shy, or swim away from this one. A ballsy new study adds to the growing body of research that men's nutrition does, in fact, impact sperm.

Now now, don't get teste, I'll explain.

A recent study investigated almost 1,300 obese men. Results showed obesity was associated with:
  • Lower sperm volume
  • Lower sperm count
  • Lower sperm concentration
  • Decreased progressive motility and total motility (ability to progress through the female reproductive tract, and ability to move in a typical way, respectively)
  • Higher percent of head defects, including pyriform heads (pear-shaped)
Do these results hit a little below the belt? Do they appear to hang a little low? Are they a bit lopsided? Far be it from me to bat at the low hanging fruit, but for all the men out there who care about their sperm... Read on.

I hear you asking: What do these abnormalities mean? Simply put, they make conception more difficult. That includes conception through sex and conception through IVF.

Now I hear you asking: How does obesity affects sperm? Truly, the cause is currently unknown. However, the research team whose results are discussed above is investigating the impact of weight loss on sperm quality, and the preliminary results are positive.

What about: I don't care about my sperm, so why should I care at all? If you're carting around some extra weight, and you're not thinking about babies... Maybe you don't have to worry about your (possibly abnormal) sperm, but your body has other things to worry about, like chronic diseases. You can pretty much look at any other article on this blog and learn about that.

Do you remember not that long ago there was a big hoopla in the news about declining male fertility? You might not, but I do. This one, that found mean sperm count declined 52.4% between 1973 and 2011. This data was based off 185 studies, and almost 43,000 men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Most frighteningly, the results showed no signs of slowing.

There are many reasons why sperm count may be declining. There's a vas deferens, excuse me, vast difference between these two studies. The first article found an association between sperm abnormalities and obesity, but doesn't prove causation. The second one found declining sperm counts with only possible theories as to why. Obviously more research must be done.

It is a fairly compelling argument that obesity and sperm abnormalities are linked.

The take home message at this point?

Men, what you eat affects more than your waistline. Keep is simple stupid: Add more fruit and veg to your diet. Your waist and your swimmers will salute you.
I couldn't resist, since most salad pictures are of women looking happy eating salads...
let's see a happy man eating a salad!