‘Pie hole’, colloquial for one’s mouth, is believed to have evolved in the USA in the 1980s from the British expression ‘cake hole’ (coined in the mid 20th century). Pie hole refers to a mouth, as in: Shut your pie hole or, in this case: Put less in your pie hole.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Popular Posts to Pique Your Interest

It's official, I'm putting myself on "Pie Hole maternity blog leave". I've put together a list of top 10 articles... And a few extras. These are a mix of most popular reads, and my personal favourites.

1. Lunch Boxes For Picky Pie Holes - Make school lunches your kids will love eating (works for big kids, and kids in adult bodies)

2. We Came, We Snacked, We Conquered: A Big Day Out - All you need to know about snacks and how to get healthy ones into your pie hole. More on snacks here.

3. Pregnancy: 10 Things to Think About When You're "Eating for Two..." - Self explanatory... When you're eating for two, you're not feeding a garbage disposal.

4. The Rules Are... There Ain't No Rules - Why "diets" don't work, here's what does!

5. Applications of MSG: From Unsavoury to Flavoury - The various, little thought of applications for MSG.

6. Quit Wheat Belly Aching (Pt II) - Everything you need to know about the current state of research regarding gluten, wheat, and real science. You can click back to pt I here.

7. Artificial Sweeteners: Not So Sweet After All - Some bacteria-laden research regarding how fake sugars aren't all things nice.

8. Coffee & Tea-ter Tottering Over Caffeine - Tea and coffee (and caffeine) a review of all three.

9. Coffee: For Better or For Worse? - For all the caffeine-addicts, a review of everything you want to know about caffeine.

10. Udder Confusion: Are Your Kids Having a Cow Over Milk? - Kids fighting you on drinking their milk? Your guide book is in this article. If you love dairy as much as me, check out this article too.

And a few extras... Because I loved writing them.

Highfalutin Gluten - What is gluten and should you go "gluten-free"?

Highfalutin Gluten (part II) - Thinking "gluten-free" through... Critically

What Ails and Cures - Why cured meat gives you colon cancer (or to quote my husband "ass-cancer"... Sorry)

Should You Steer Clear of Beer? - Everyone's talking about wine, here's cheers to beer (and there's a photo of my dog in this one!)

Juicing: Healthy Habit or Half-Witted Hypothesis? - For those on the juicing bandwagon

Juicing: Healthy Habit or Half-Witted Hypothesis? Pt II - More for those on the juicing bandwagon

Choc-It-Up to Chocolate - Who doesn't love chocolate? We can't be friends. Science says we should love chocolate.

Overeating: Unsustainable - For the millennials like me, why "plant-based" is great for us and the earth

Does this Protein Bar Make Me Look Fat - Protein-pounding gym-junkies... Here's the truth about protein

Does this Protein Bar Make Me Look Fat pt II - As above

There will be more soon. In the meantime, enjoy these!

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