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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Get Hooked on Fish Food pt I

Gather 'round as we talk o' a fish tail... Here's diving into why fish are both friends and food.

Fish flesh is not just a great source of lean protein, omega 3 fatty acids and a slew of other food-for-you stuff... It also appears to possess antioxidant qualities.

Research showed people who ate more than 175g of fatty fish each week had significantly higher levels of healthy fats (DHA and EPA) and significantly lower levels of oxidative stress/free radicals (explanation here.) This might explain why mermen are so buff.

Eating at least the recommended amount of fatty fish is not a scientific fish tale... Current American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 2-3 serves/wk, which equals 200g/wk (~7 oz) minimum.

Ok, you say, but what about all the things you've heard about mercury, and tuna, and eating fish during pregnancy? What about farmed vs wild fish? What about omega-3 supplements?

In order to adequately address these important issues, we're gonna have to split this filet-o-fish. Pt I will discuss the benefits/recommendations for fish during pregnancy. Pt II will discuss supplements, farmed vs wild, mercury and a few other fishy features.

Catch of the day is A-Ok during Pregnancy 
Recommendations are still 2-3 serves of fish for pregnancy women. However, the type of fish is important!

Madaam Mercury... or is that Methylmercury?
Mercury is found both naturally and as a contaminant in the environment. When this mercury finds its way into water, it ends up in fish tissues and is called methylmercury. Larger fish tend to have higher amounts of methylmercury because they eat many smaller fish, this is the principle of 'bioaccumulation'.
So, not all fish are created equal... Keep that hook in mind for pt II.

Benefits of fish during pregnancy
There are many, let me aggregate them for you:

  • Omega-3s are linked with preventing low birth weight babies
  • Omega-3s are linked with preventing pre-term labor
  • Omega-3s are linked with preventing pre-eclampsia (layman's: high blood pressure during pregnancy)
  • Omega-3s improve placental blood flow, dilation of tissues and promote growth factors important for fetal growth and development
  • Omega-3s are linked to higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in breastmilk
  • More than 1 serve of seafood/wk improves fetal brain development 
  • Omega-3s during pregnancy are hypothesised to decrease allergic disease in children (more research needed)
  • Omega-3s during pregnancy are linked to healthier BMI scores in older children
So, eating fish during pregnancy improves baby health... But does low or no fish have a negative effect?
There's still more so much more to net. Next article, we'll take stock in supplemental fish oil, sink our teeth into different kinds of fish, trawl farmed vs wild fish, and further find fantastic reasons for fish fanaticism.

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