‘Pie hole’, colloquial for one’s mouth, is believed to have evolved in the USA in the 1980s from the British expression ‘cake hole’ (coined in the mid 20th century). Pie hole refers to a mouth, as in: Shut your pie hole or, in this case: Put less in your pie hole.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Seriously, Eat Your Diet Rules

So you're on your gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, bread-free, chocolate-free, sugar-free, low-fat, low-carb, high-protein, solid food-free, juice only fad diet. Great. Are you having any fun? Do you find yourself obsessing over what you put in your pie hole? Are you frequently restricting yourself from eating things you'd like to enjoy? Are you dissatisfied with how you look or the number on the scale? What? You're so vain, I bet you think this article's about you... Don't you, don't you?

Last week we touched on typical restrictive 'diets' and how they often rely on external rules such as avoiding 'bad' foods. This is ineffective for weight loss, and perhaps more importantly, is associated with psychological distress, poor/unhealthy eating and even disordered eating patterns. So basically... They're super counterproductive and bad for your health.
Not Ideal...
Research shows frequent dieting is associated with weight gain and negative psychological effects. Traditional 'diets' are like speed dating: the start of the two minutes brings hope of finding Mr. Right, but by the end it's time for a restraining order... And a tub of double chocolate fudge ice cream with a snickers spoon. Simply put: Frequent dieting equals fleeting results, feelings of failure and frequent floundering... That is fairly deflating.

Now, enter the hippy-dippy, feel-goodery approach to eating... Intuitive or 'mindful' eating. Simply explained:
  • Less focus on weight loss
  • More focus on internal cues of hunger and fullness 
  • More focus on making food choices based on health and enjoyment
  • No food restrictions... Wait, whaaat? 
Yes! Read it... Then read it again
I know you're all waiting with bated breath for the research, so here's the good news: Intuitive eating is associated with:
  • Improvements in eating habits
  • Lifestyle improvements (like exercise)
  • Psychological improvements like increased body acceptance, self esteem, body satisfaction, quality of life, and decreases in pressure for thinness, anxiety and depression
And, perhaps most significantly, many of these results carried through the follow up period. In other words, results (both physical and psychological) were lasting and sustained, compared with restrictive or fad diets.

Eating mindfully and giving yourself unconditional permission to eat and enjoy food improves all of the above and also reduces 'binging'. Why? Because suppression of food thoughts increases food cravings, binging and disordered eating patterns.
This article doesn't really need a recap, so let me leave you with these parting thoughts as a sort of pep talk:
  • Address your body's peaks and valleys via the non-diet method without peaks and valleys
  • Dump dogmatic, dissatisfying and defunct 'diets', instead clue yourself into your own conscious
  • You may want the body of a model, but behind the dead eyes and duck lips, you know they're thinking about murdering a sandwich
Umm... Yes: No more dieting


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