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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eat Your Diet Rules

In the last two weeks I've been asked so many questions about weird diets it's made my head spin. I'm also still reeling from some of the diets people are currently on- having had them described to me in great detail. It's like a full moon in the diet world that practically bit me on the bum, begging me to write the article that follows.

Low carb and high protein on workout days, intermittent fasting two days a week on non-workout days, modified paleo most of the time, some juicing, "cheat" meals, miracle unicorn urine... This diet belonged to one person (and perhaps not 100% verbatim). When asked my opinion, my answer was "wow, that sounds complicated". When prodded again, my response "that doesn't sound like much fun".

The last two weeks have proved troubling. I didn't realise just how many people were constantly cutting out random foods and following such (needlessly) complex diets. In lieu of the usual literature review, today I'm simply giving my opinion. Next week, that's right- you don't have to wait two weeks this time, we'll get to the science.

This is not true for all dietitians, but for me, one of the reasons I became a dietitian was because I love food. I love cooking it, growing it, buying it, eating it, photographing it (like any good millennial) and playing with it (yes, like a small child). I didn't become a dietitian to be the 'food police', to judge your food choices at a party, or to tell you not to eat certain things (like gluten, sugar, wheat or Bessie the Cow).

There are many things wrong with us as a fatty mcfat fat society: Rampant and relentless fast food advertising, the ever-easy and accessible 'junk' food options, and the laziness of not bothering to cook a meal. The other extreme: "Fit-spiration", disordered eating and the idea that eating healthy must be so complicated.

An unashamed rant here... I've run with a fitness crowd for over 10 years: Dancers, gym-junkies, aerialists, marathon runners, you name it. I've seen juicing, cleanses, fasting, meal-skipping, meal replacements, protein bars, protein powders, gluten-free, meat-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, paleo... again, you name it. Even the smartest, well educated people have surprised me.

My conclusion: There is most definitely some over-thinking going on. 
What ever happened to eating when hungry, stopping when full, eating foods you like and enjoying meals? Instead, we've become a bunch of nut-jobs micromanaging our every bite, metaphorically beating ourselves over the head with a crowbar if we eat a piece of chocolate, and putting so much effort into militantly dictating what is acceptable and what isn't. Geez, myself and the chocolate-orange chocolate-chip brownie next to me clearly don't get it.

Here's introducing the hippy-dippy feel-goodery approach to eating: It's called intuitive eating. And yes, it's a thing. Next week we'll bite into some great new research on this topic. 

In the meantime, here's your assignment: Do one thing to uncomplicate your diet. It might be having a healthy snack in the afternoon when you get hungry, rather than ignoring your hunger. It might be slowly savouring and really enjoying that piece of brownie, rather than gulping it down. You're smart, you'll think of something. Till next week. Peace... No, brownie out!


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