‘Pie hole’, colloquial for one’s mouth, is believed to have evolved in the USA in the 1980s from the British expression ‘cake hole’ (coined in the mid 20th century). Pie hole refers to a mouth, as in: Shut your pie hole or, in this case: Put less in your pie hole.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mission Improbable: Put Less in Your Pie Hole

Throughout the duration of my Master’s degree, I saw numerous patients in and out of hospitals, met an abundance of dietitians, conversed with intelligent lecturers and students, read a myriad of articles, wrote countless assignments, participated in a multitude of nutrition-related debates (or arguments)… all this culminated in a nice piece of paper, a long ceremony and a few unwavering opinions.

I could launch into the typical ‘there are five food groups, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables etc etc’ – 1) dairy 2) grains/rice /bread 3) meat/meat alternatives, 4) vegetables/legumes and 5) fruit – just in case you were wondering. But I don’t want to preach.

Everyone knows which foods they should put more of in their pie hole, and which ones to put less. Why write more on what you already know? 

I want this blog to be current and relevant to you, the reader. If there’s a burning question you have, a topic you want to know more about, or something you read in the news that is interesting/puzzling, write to me at contactpiehole@gmail.com

Finally, you may be wondering why the name “Put Less in Your Pie Hole”. I previously said ‘no’ to preaching. Instead, I am going to introduce the straightforward idea, one of my unwavering opinions, put less in your pie hole. The premise of the philosophy “put less in your pie hole” is just that. Eat all foods (unless there’s a medical reason not to), just eat them in moderation. Simple, right? Well, that’s the point… that and to see how many times I could shovel in the phrase “put less in your pie hole” (pun intended).


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